Our Story

Skin Juice’s story began in 1996 when our founder, Jo Dampney, was searching for a product range for her beauty salon.  

‘Revel in Beauty’ was a located in the then bohemian hub of Newcastle, Darby St. It was a homely and welcoming escape for her clients. They embraced colour, worked barefoot and their uniforms were floaty and comfortable. 

The beauty brands available at the time were at odds with the atmosphere and mission of Jo’s salon. 

Armed with her formal training in beauty and understanding of how the skin functioned, she started to explore alternate therapies as well. Jo began training in aromatherapy, herbal sciences and reflexology, as well as researching Ayurvedic medicine - fascinated by the holistic approach and many of the specific concepts such as re-establishing balance and harmony within the body and using oils as medicine, to purify and cleanse. 

It seemed logical that these concepts could be applied to skincare. And that’s where Skin Juice was born. It wasn’t about ‘filling a market gap’. It was about creating something valuable for the skin, that happened to be natural. 

Just like nature, Skin Juice has had its fair share of evolution and regeneration but there are some core principles that will never change. 

We’re still a family-owned business, creating and making our products right here in Australia. The majority are still mixed daily in our Juice Lab on the fringe of Newcastle, NSW.  We still only use the freshest, most nutrient-rich natural ingredients, made in small batches to ensure the quality of each colour-pop bottle, tub, and tube. And we’ll never, ever test on animals. 

We want to create enjoyable, vibrant and multi-dimensional skin care experiences.  

We hope you do too.