Offer valid from 4pm AEDT 29/02/24 for a limited time.

Offer valid for 5pk of Brochures only.

Available online only via sjwholesale.com.au.

Valid while allocated stocks last.

Valid for Australian salon stockists and Australian stockists with a brick and mortar store only.



In these Terms and Conditions:


Approved Stockist means a stockist approved by
Skin Juice to sell the Product. 

Approved Site means the approved trading address
or location for a business, be this physical, digital or virtual.

Business Day means a day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or public
holiday in Newcastle, New South Wales. 

Consumer means a customer of the Stockist who may purchase Skin
Juice Products. 

GST has the meaning given to that term in A New Tax System (Goods and Services
Tax) 1999 (Cth). 

Intellectual Property Rights means all present and future rights

(a) trademarks, trade names, domain names, logos, getup, patents, inventions, registered
and unregistered design rights, copyright, circuit layout rights, and all
similar rights in any part of the world (including knowhow); and 

(b) whether rights referred to in clause 16 are obtained or enhanced by registration,
any registration of such rights, and applications and rights for any such


Marketing Materials includes marketing literature, posters,
technical materials and user manuals (and upgrades or revisions of these
materials and user manuals) and other material (including copy and imagery
such as photography, illustrations, renders etc) provided to the Stockist for
the purpose of marketing the Product. 

Product means any product manufactured and marketed by Skin Juice.

PPS Law means the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) and
the regulations made under that Act. 

PPSR means the Personal Property Securities Register established
under section 147 of the PPS Law. 

Retail Price means the suggested price for any Product or Product
package listed in the most recent retail price list provided by Skin

Wholesale Price means the price per item that the Stockist must pay
to Skin Juice for each Product, as notified to the Stockist by Skin Juice
from time to time. 





1.1 Skin Juice appoints the Stockist as an Approved Stockist
and the Stockist agrees to accept the appointment and act in accordance
with these Terms and Conditions. 

1.2 The term of this appointment will be one calendar year,
commencing on the date of that these Terms and Conditions are executed by
the Stockist (Term). 

1.3 The term will automatically renew for a further term of
one calendar year, unless: 

(a)  Skin Juice provides written notice to the Stockist
that the Term will not be extended; or

(b)  the appointment has been terminated (refer to
clause 20). 


Approved Stockists 


2.1  Only Approved Stockists may use the Product and
sell the Product to Consumers.

2.2  Approved Stockists must: 

(a)  ensure that that the Products are sold by sales
representatives, trained in the use and retail of Skin Juice Products

(b)  ensure that all Representatives adhere to the
strict standards and guidelines of representation required by Skin Juice; 

(c)  commit to the ongoing training and continuous
improvement regime as directed by Skin Juice; and 

(d)  only sell the Product at sites or locations
approved by Skin Juice (Approved Site).

(e) immediately update or advise Skin Juice of any changes
to their business that may have an impact on their status as a Skin Juice
stockist such as changes to contact details, business or trading address or




3.1  Skin Juice
provides a Retail Price list that is a suggested retail price for our products
in line with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Australia).

3.2  Skin Juice
recommends that Approved Stockists sell the Product to Consumers at the
Retail Price. The Retail Price may be updated and communicated to stockists by
Skin Juice from time to time.

3.3  The Wholesale
Price is only available to Approved Stockists and the Approved Contacts on that

3.4  The Wholesale
Price may be updated and communicated to stockists by Skin Juice from time to


The following clauses 4, 5, 6 and 7 relate to Australian
Approved Stockists. New Zealand Approved Stockists should consult clause 25.




4.1  All orders for the Products must be placed
directly with Skin Juice, either by email, phone or through the wholesale
client portal on the Skin Juice website. 

4.2  Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, the
minimum value for any single order after an opening order is placed is $150
including GST. 

4.3 A stockist must place at least one order within a 9-month period to maintain their stockist status and keep their account active. It is the duty of the stockist to advise Skin Juice of any circumstances that may impact this commitment and we will review these circumstances on an individual basis.

4.4  Skin Juice reserves the right to reject orders for
any reason. 

4.5  A stockist must inform Skin Juice by email of any
change to the provided information for the delivery of orders. Skin Juice
accepts no responsibility for orders sent to any address other than that
provided by the stockist in writing

4.6  Whilst we have
tried to display an accurate representation of your free Products, you will
only receive the free Products you are eligible for, regardless of what your
checkout cart displays.   




5.1  Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, for each
Order, the Stockist must pay: 

(a)  the Wholesale Price for the Products ordered; and 

(b)  the costs of delivering the Products to the
Stockist’s nominated address, at the time the order is placed or within five
Business Days of an invoice being issued by Skin Juice. 

5.2  Skin Juice is not obliged to dispatch any orders
until payment has been received. 

5.3 Stockists may pay for orders by credit card, direct
deposit, PayPal, AfterPay, or other payment method agreed between the parties in writing. 




6.1  Any consideration to be paid or provided for a
supply made under or in connection with this agreement, unless
specifically described in this agreement as GST inclusive, does not include an
amount on account of GST. 

6.2  The Stockist must promptly pay on demand, any
amount of GST stated in an invoice issued to it by Skin Juice. 




7.1  Orders will generally be dispatched within 3 to 5
Business Days after payment is received. 

7.2  In the event that an item cannot be supplied, that
item will be: 

(a)  placed on backorder for up to 6 weeks; 

(b)  invoiced separately to the rest of the order; and 

(c)  shipped to the Stockist when it becomes available
and payment for the invoice referred to in clause 7.2(b) is received by
Skin Juice. 

7.3  Skin Juice may dispatch backorders at their
expense or The Stockist may be required to pay additional freight charges
for any items provided under clause 5.2. 

7.4  Skin Juice will use reasonable endeavours to
ensure that orders are dispatched within the nominated time frame,
however, Skin Juice takes no responsibility for delays in dispatch or

7.5  Skin Juice does
not support shipping products direct to clients from your wholesale account and
cannot be held liable for any issues arising from doing so.

Express Shipping 

7.6  To request
Express Shipping, use the comments section in Cart and then
select Standard freight in Checkout. 

7.7  Additional
charges may apply. This service may occasionally be unavailable. Express
service only relates to the shipping option chosen, not the time taken to
process the order. 

Click and Collect 

7.8  This is a free service that allows you to collect
your order from our Newcastle based warehouse; your order will not be shipped. 

7.9  When this option is selected you will be notified
via email when your order is ready for collection. You can then collect the
order from 81 Camfield Drive, Heatherbrae, NSW, 2324 between 8am-5pm Monday -
Friday, excluding public holidays. 

7.10  Click and Collect orders will be held for 5
business days after the date they are ready for collection. If collection has
not been made within this time, or an alternate collection time arranged, Skin
Juice reserves the right to cancel and refund the order. If an order is
cancelled the following will apply: 

a)  The order will be refunded to the
same payment method used to place the order. 

b)  The customer is welcome to place the
order again at their convenience, however any promotions that have lapsed
during this time will no longer be available. 

7.11  If the
freight option is changed from Click and Collect to a shipping service, a
freight fee will apply and is payable before dispatch. 



Product Risk and Title 


8.1  Risk in the Product passes to the Stockist upon
dispatch of the Product to the Stockist’s nominated address. 

8.2  Title to the Product passes to the Stockist only
upon the complete payment of the Wholesale Price for each Product as set
out in the relevant invoice. 


Sale to Consumers 


9.1  Stockists may only sell the Product to Consumers
at the Approved Site.

9.2  Stockists must not sell Skin Juice Products: 

(a)  to other Stockists; 

(b)  through online stores or websites that are not
their own; 

(c)  through social media platforms that are not their

(d) by direct marketing or mail order; 

(e)  overseas; or 

(f)  by any other method other than directly to the
Consumer at the Approved Site, 

without prior written approval from Skin Juice. 

9.3 Stockists are not permitted to sell professional use or
sized products without prior written approval from Skin Juice.

9.4. Skin Juice will not be held liable for products or
subsequent income that are sold to the Consumer by a Stockist and cannot be
fulfilled due to stock deficiencies.

9.5. Skin Juice does not support or recommend the sale of
samples or decanted products to customers and will not accept responsibility
for any issues that arise from the practice.

9.6. Stockists are required to provide Skin Juice with
a customer’s full name and email address when reporting a faulty product or
reaction (refer to Returns clause 13).


Online Sales 


10.1  The Stockist must comply with Skin Juice’s Online
Selling Best Practice. 

10.2  Restriction on sales for online selling. 
business must not sell Skin Juice products;

(a) to customers outside of Australia (for Australian

(b) to customers outside New Zealand (for New Zealand

(c) through third party online sites, such as eBay or brands

without prior written approval from Skin Juice. 

10.3  Skin Juice is not liable for any cost associated
with an Approved Stockist’s online store. This includes but is not limited
to: freight, payment method surcharges, website set up fees, IT support,
refunds, exchanges, sales and discounts. 


Liability for Professional Treatments + Services


11.1  It is the responsibility of the Stockists to:

(a) obtain and maintain the appropriate and relevant
industry licenses and qualifications to perform facial and body treatments;

(b) ensure all employees have and maintain the relevant
industry licenses and qualifications to perform facial and body treatments;

(c) review the Skin Juice product and treatment
contraindications for their client before a treatment;

(d) screen for potential client allergies and review the
Skin Juice product ingredient listings in line with an allergies prior to

11.2  Skin Juice
recommends not using our products in conjunction with modalities such as, but
not limited to, LED therapy, laser therapy, microdermabrasion, derma-planning,
skin needling. Skin Juice will not be held liable for any reactions or injuries
caused by these using our products in conjunction with these modalities.

11.3. Skin Juice products and treatments are designed to be
used as a range exclusive of other skin care brands and we will not be held
liable for reactions caused by other products and brands.

11.4. The Stockist agrees to use the products only for their
intended or prescribed use and as per the usage directions and guidelines.




12.1  Skin Juice warrants that, to the best of its
knowledge and belief: 

 (a)  the Products are of merchantable quality and
fit for their purpose; 

(b)  it has the necessary rights and authority to enter
into and perform its obligations under these Terms and Conditions; and 

(c)  sale of the Products by the Stockist will not
infringe any copyright, moral right, trademark or other intellectual
property right. 


Returns Policy 


13.1  Skin Juice will only accept returns if: 

(a)  there are manufacturer’s faults or defects in the
Product; or 

(b)  Skin Juice delivers the incorrect Products to the

13.2  In order to be refunded for a Product, Stockists

(a)  immediately notify Skin Juice of any defects or
delivery errors; and

(b)  retain the Product in question until an outcome
has been agreed; and

(c)  if requested by Skin Juice, return the affected
Products to Skin Juice, at the Stockist’s cost if the return is due to a change
of mind or due to negligent treatment or handling of the product. 

13.3  If Skin Juice accepts the return, it will deliver
a replacement item or issue a credit for the products to the Stockist at Skin
Juice’s cost. 

13.4  Skin Juice has the right to refuse replacement or
credit for the Product, if it has been tampered with or the conditions in clause
13.1 have not been met. 

13.5 If a Return is on behalf of a Customer, the Stockist
must contact Skin Juice immediately before any action is taken. Skin Juice will
deal with the Customer directly to reach a resolution. Skin Juice is not
obliged to reimburse a Stockist if they choose to refund, credit or exchange
Product for a Customer. 


Product recall 


14.1  In the event of
a product recall, Stockists’ must: 

(a)  maintain up-to-date and accurate customer records
to enable the immediate recall of any Product; and 

(b)  assist Skin Juice as required, in the recall of
any Product. 


Representation of Brand


15.1  The Stockist
agrees to represent and market the Skin Juice brand and its associated
products, sub-brands and treatments in an accurate and positive manner and
refrain from any promotion, representation or association that may be
detrimental, false or misleading.

15.2  The Stockist
agrees to comply with all presentation guidelines and instructions relating to
the brands, products and treatments as indicated by Skin Juice.

15.3.  Images released
by Skin Juice are to be shared as is and no changes are to be made. This means: 

• No filters or colour adjustment 

• No text added over the image 

• No logos added over the image 

15.4  Skin Juice
images can not be shared with hashtags from other brands. 

15.5  Skin Juice
hashtags such as #skinjuice #feedyourskin #showusyourskinjuice are only to be
used on posts advertising Skin Juice products or yourself as a Skin Juice

15.6  If the Stockist breaches its obligations under
this clause 15, Skin Juice may: 

(a) contact the stockist and ask the material to be
removed/altered and if this request is denied the post may be reported to
Instagram/Facebook as a Copyright infringement;

(b) immediately freeze the account or revoke the Stockist appointment as an
Approved Stockist; 

(c) immediately seek an interlocutory injunction to prevent
further breaches. 


Intellectual Property 


16.1  Skin Juice retains all Intellectual Property
rights held by it in relation to the Marketing Materials, images, copy and
logos provided to the Stockist during the Term. 

16.2  Skin Juice grants the Stockist a royalty-free
non-exclusive licence during the term, to use the Marketing Materials
solely for the purpose of enabling the Stockist to sell the Product to
Consumers and perform its obligations under these Terms and Conditions. 

16.3  During the Term, the Stockist: 

(a)  may only use Skin Juice’s Intellectual Property
Rights in the manner approved by Skin Juice in its absolute discretion;

(b)  must comply with any directions given by Skin Juice concerning the
use of the Skin Juice’s Intellectual Property Rights. 

16.4  The Stockist must: 

(a)  not use, copy, alter, photograph or represent Skin
Juice’s Intellectual Property rights other than in accordance with these
Terms and Conditions; 

(b)  not do anything or permit anything to be done
which would infringe, harm, challenge, deny, question or contest the
Intellectual Property Rights of Skin Juice; and 

(c)  inform Skin Juice immediately if it learns of any
actual or threatened infringement.

16.5  If the Stockist breaches its obligations under
this clause 16, Skin Juice may: 

(a) immediately freeze the account or revoke the Stockist
appointment as an Approved Stockist; 

(b) immediately seek an interlocutory injunction to prevent
further breaches. 




17.1  Stockists may promote Skin Juice Products in
in-store promotions at Approved Sites.

17.2  Stockists must not promote to sell Skin Juice
Products directly through the following channels: 

(a)  third-party discount websites or booklets; 

(b)  voucher websites or booklets; 

(c)  any other third-party discount sites, 

without written approval from Skin Juice. 

17.3  All information
and resources relating to sales, promotions, new treatments and new products
are strictly embargoed until the advised release date. Any information provided
before this date is done to prepare for launch. Stockists must not promote or
release information relating to promotions, sales or new products or treatments
until the advised official release date.


Discount code terms and conditions


18.1  All codes
provided are to be used for the intended and specified use and not to be
published or disseminated without Skin Juice’s knowledge or approval.

18.2. All codes are one use per person unless otherwise
specified. Only one code can be used per order, and a code cannot be used in
conjunction with any other offer. 

18.3. Skin Juice has the right to cancel or change any
promotion or discount code at any time without notice and in its sole



Privacy and Confidentiality 


19.1  Neither party will pass on any personal
information about its customer or its business to a third party, without the
other party’s written consent, unless that information is: 

(a)  required to be disclosed by law or to comply with
a parties obligations under these Terms and Conditions; 

(b)  disclosed to a debt collection agency or other
advisors for the purpose of recovering debts owed to Skin Juice; 

(c)  disclosed to its employees or contractors only to
the extent that is reasonably necessary for Skin Juice to perform its
obligations under these Terms and 


(d)  in the public domain; 

(e)  required to be disclosed as part of a product
recall in accordance with clause 14.

19.2  The Stockists must keep this document and its
contents confidential. 




20.1  Either party may terminate the Stockist
appointment as an Approved Stockist by 3 weeks written notice to the other

20.2  Skin Juice may terminate the Stockist’s
appointment if the Stockist becomes insolvent or fails to remedy a breach
of these Terms and Conditions within 10 Business Days after written notice
of the breach. 


Consequences of termination


21.1 Upon the termination of the Stockist’s appointment: 

(a) any right of action or remedy which may have accrued, or
may afterwards accrue, to either party will not be prejudiced or affected; 

(b) all provisions which are, expressly or impliedly, to
survive this Agreement will remain in force and in effect;

(c) and the Stockist may sell any stocks of the Product
as it may have in its possession 

or control for a period of six months after termination, after which the
Stockist must at its own expense, promptly dispose of the Products and
stop selling Products to Consumers. 



Dispute resolution 


22.1 Unless expressly provided otherwise, all disputes
between Skin Juice and the Stockist in any way connected with these Terms
and Conditions must be resolved in accordance with this clause 18. 

22.2  If an issue or dispute arises between the
parties, in relation to these Terms and Conditions, the disputing party must
give written notice to the other party specifying the nature of the
dispute (Dispute Notice). 

22.3  Within 10 Business Days of a Dispute Notice being
issued, representatives of each party must meet to resolve the dispute. 

22.4  If the parties cannot resolve the dispute within
10 Business Days, the dispute must be referred to expert determination in
accordance with the Rules for Expert Determination or Commercial Disputes
of the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia. 

22.5  The decision of the expert is final and binding
upon the parties. 




23.1  A Stockist must not assign, novate, transfer or
subcontract its rights or obligations under this Agreement, without prior
written consent from Skin Juice. 

23.2  Nothing in these terms and conditions constitutes
a partnership, agency or franchise relationship between the parties. 

23.3  Neither party can bind the other party or
contract in the name of the other party.

23.4  These terms and conditions can only be varied by
a later written document executed by or on behalf of all parties.

23.5  Each party must pay its own legal costs and
disbursements in connection with the negotiation, preparation, execution
and carrying into effect of these Terms and Conditions.

23.6  The laws applicable in New South Wales govern
this agreement. The parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of
the courts of New South Wales and any courts competent to hear appeals
from those courts.

23.7  This Agreement may be executed in any number of
counterparts each of which when executed by one or more of the parties
constitute an original but all of which constitutes one and the same





24.1  Prices are
inclusive of 15% NZ GST. Prices are shown in NZD based on Shopify’s
international currency algorithm. Skin Juice is bound by Shopify’s
international transaction fees & practices. 

24.2  Orders can only
be placed online through the Wholesale Hub. 

24.3  Payment can be
made online via Credit Card only. 

24.4  A minimum spend
of $600 AUD is required per order. 

24.5  Wholesale
freight charges are calculated at checkout. All duties and import charges are
paid by Skin Juice. 

24.6  Payment is
required before orders will be sent to warehouse. 

24.7  To assist with
delivery, please inform us each time you place an order if your business is
closed during the working week or if you require specific delivery information
for the courier. 

24.8  Please allow 1-2
working days before dispatch and another 6-8 working days for delivery
depending on store location. Our preferred courier is DHL Express and a
consignment notification will be automatically sent to the email address on
file at the time of dispatch. You are able to track your parcel at any time
with the code provided in this email. 

24.9  Any errors or
breakages need to be reported within 7 working days of receiving your order. 

24.10 For all online stores, please note that Skin Juice and
its associated brands are permitted to only be sold and shipped within New
Zealand, and cannot be sold internationally without written consent. 



All stockists of Skin Juice and its associated brands will
be required to agree to our full ordering and stockist terms and conditions at
the time of ordering. 





Skin Juice may modify, limit or terminate the Rewards and
VIP Program, the Program structure, any other feature of the Program, or these
Terms and Conditions in its sole and absolute discretion at any time and in any
manner without notice.


Each Member is responsible for remaining knowledgeable about
the Program Terms and Conditions. Your continued participation in the Program
will confirm your acceptance of such changes.




- Earn one (1) Point for every Australian dollar (excluding
GST, rounded down to the nearest AUD) you spend on Skin Juice products, online
at sjwholesale.com.au. Spend excludes GST and shipping costs, and Points are
calculated on your actual spend after any discounts, gift vouchers/gift cards.

- Points are accumulated after payment is finalized; Points
accumulated on the current order cannot be redeemed until the next purchase, if

- Minimum amount of Points that can be redeemed is 1000 ($10

- Maximum amount of Points that can be redeemed per order is
30000 ($300 AUD)

- Points can only be acquired through purchases made via

- Phone or email orders are not eligible for rewards points.

- Rewards can only be redeemed on purchases placed via

- Rewards cannot be redeemed on orders placed via phone or

- Rewards points expire 6 months after the date of
accumulation. Once expired they can no longer be redeemed.

- Only one voucher can be redeemed per order.

- Points vouchers cannot be redeemed in conjunction with
Gift Vouchers or discount codes.

- Rewards cannot be deducted from shipping costs.

- Rewards points expire 6 months after the date of
accumulation. Once expired they can no longer be redeemed.

- Rewards points can be used once only. Skin Juice will not
be held liable if points are not able to be redeemed for any reason.

- Skin Juice reserves the right to exclude certain items and
promotions from being redeemed by using Rewards points.

- Your Rewards points balance is not transferable to anyone
else and is not redeemable for cash.

- During sale periods, the maximum reward on offer may

- We may deduct from your Account any Points:

credited to your Account as a result of an error;

relating to a transaction that has been cancelled, reversed
or refunded;

relating to any suspected fraudulent activity.




Stockists will automatically qualify for our VIP Program
based on their annual spend in Australian Dollars.


The current spending thresholds for each tier are:


Tier 1 - $0 - $4,999.99

Tier 2 - $5,000 - $14,999.99

Tier 3 - $15,000 - $24,999.99

Tier 4 - $25,000 - $39,999.99

Tier 5 - $40,000 +


The annual spend is calculated based off your online order
history, through the wholesale hub, for a calendar year i.e. 1st January – 31st
December. The amount is inclusive of GST and Shipping.


Your VIP tier will be automatically updated on the 1st January,
based on the prior calendar year’s spend. You will be then be eligible for this
tier for 12 months.


To stay on this level before the 12 month expiry, you need
to maintain the minimum spend allocated to each level before the next calendar


You can accumulate VIP Tier spend by making purchases online
at www.sjwholesale.com.au -
phone and email orders will be excluded from this total.


You must be signed into your Wholesale Account for your
spend to be counted and accrued.


Spends accumulated across multiple accounts will not be
eligible or considered as a qualifying spend.


We may deduct from your VIP Tier spend balance any amounts:

The benefits that members of each VIP Tier are eligible to
receive are set out in the table above. These benefits are subject to change
and may change at our discretion, but if we reduce the benefits that apply to
the Membership Tier you are in, we will let you know by sending an email to the
email address linked to your Account.


Redemption + Provision of VIP Perks


Earning points

See above terms relating to Rewards points.


Free Brochures


Australian Salon Stockists and Australian Stockists with Brick & Mortar stores are eligible to receive 5 x Skin Juice brochures with orders over $250. To claim these brochures, add a Brochure 5pk Bundle to your cart and add the code BROCHURES to receive them for free.


 Extended sales


Stockists eligible to extended sales as part of the VIP tier
will be granted either early or extended access to sales and promotions. The
exact dates and terms relating to each promotion will be communicated via

Any access to promotions outside of these adjusted dates and
times will not be granted.


New Product Sneak Peeks & Taste Tests


New product releases will be communicated to eligible
stockists either by email, direct mail or another communication channel prior
to the official wholesale launch date.

Taste tests for the new product releases will be supplied as
Juice Lab production samples and are provided for the express purpose of giving
stockists a chance to experience the product before its release.

These samples and sneak peaks are provided in good faith and
under strict privacy embargos. Any sharing of these samples or information with
clients or the general public may result in your VIP status and associate perks
being terminated.


Direct website link of the Store Finder


Eligible stockists will be invited to have an active link to
their company’s website or nominated social account as part of their stockist
details on the Skin Juice Store Finder.

Upon promotion to an eligible VIP tier, a stockist can contact Skin Juice and request their link be added to their Store Finder profile. Otherwise these links will be updated in January of the following year and remain active for 1 year.

All other stockists can still be featured but will just not
have a hyperlink to their site.


Complimentary Virtual Training Session

Stockists who are eligible for a free virtual training
session are invited to email hello@skinjuice.com.au
to register their interest.

Training session numbers will be capped and depending on
numbers, may be attended by or comprised of more than one stockist business. Stockists are only eligible to claim one complimentary training session per calendar year, regardless of VIP status promotion. Stockists will receive a discount code to redeem their free training session. To redeem, a training ticket will need to be added to cart and the corresponding discount code must be added at checkout to claim to full discount.

Training will be offered through a video conferencing system
such as Zoom or Google Meet. The exact details of your training will be
confirmed in communications post your expression of interest via email.


Discounted Shipping Codes

Discounted shipping codes will be provided to eligible
stockists at the beginning of the calendar year (or at the VIP program
commencement for the first year). These codes are unique to each stockist.
Codes are valid for one use only.


Brand Activation Budget

This budget is provided to help stockists activate the Skin
Juice brand and experience in their business.

Brand activation budgets will be issued in the first operating week of January. Budgets will be awarded in line with the tier that stockists start the calendar year in (based on their previous year’s annual spend).

This budget will be provided in the form of discount codes (in increments of $50) to be redeemed at the Skin Juice wholesale website on eligible marketing and promotional items and bundles within the Marketing collection. Codes are valid until 11:59 pm 31st December of the year they are issued. Codes can be stacked, but unfortunately, we cannot refund the difference that is not spent in a transaction. Any outstanding credit may be forfeited.



General Information


Skin Juice reserves the right to moderate and remove Points
from customers/purchases if we expect illegitimate activity.


You may terminate your Rewards and/or Loyalty membership at
any time by contacting Skin Juice customer service.


If your Skin Juice Rewards or VIP membership is terminated
(by you or us), all outstanding Points and any Rewards Vouchers you have
redeemed will no longer be valid and will be rendered null and void.


You understand and agree by participating in the Rewards and
VIP Program that we can make these changes at any time, with or without notice.
We may cancel or suspend the Program or change these terms and conditions at
any time. If we do, we may or may not notify you, depending on the change we
make. Where Skin Juice gives you notice by email, you agree that the notice is
deemed to have been provided to you on the date of the email.


Skin Juice shall not be liable to the Customer or third
party for any delay or non-performance of its obligations under these Terms and
Conditions arising from any cause beyond its control including, without
limitation, act of God, governmental act, war, fire, flood, explosion or civil
commotion, malicious damage, compliance with any law or governmental order,
rule, regulation or direction, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, storm
or default by or act or omission of a third party provider, hosting or data
centre providers or other suppliers or sub-contractors.


These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the
State of New South Wales, Australia.




Skin Juice will communicate with Members about marketing via
mail, email and other channels, including about special Member promotions,
offers and more. Skin Juice will also use these channels to communicate the
Member’s tier status, notify Member of eligibility for a benefit, communicate
Program changes and more.


There may be on occasion a slight delay between updates to
your account and the corresponding electronic communication and Skin Juice.


Please note that even if you opt out of receiving marketing
or promotional communications, we may continue to send you non-marketing or
non-promotional emails, such as those about your account or our ongoing
business relations.


Data Privacy


See Privacy Policy for information about the Company's
privacy policy.